June 7th at Marwell "Plastics and the Circular economy" 
Circular economy - to follow 
Marwell Plastic 
Palm oil Winchester 
April 2nd Sourcing Sustainably 
March 1st The Ark "Engaging your staff in sustainability" 
January 24th IBM Visit 
Dec 7th MRF 
Nov 2nd 2018 Climate Change Adaptation 
October 18th Green Drinks Winchester 
September 11th "Water" at the University of Winchester 
June and July 2018 events 

Presentations from our guest speakers. 

January 31st Winchester - Future of EVs 

December 13th Winchester - Compliance 
Oct 13th Building Energy 
July 5th "CSR" at the Ark 
Environmental Law Update - see June 21st event 
June 21st "Green Working Spaces" at Marwell 
March 7th Sustainable Workplaces 
Energy efficiency and Env law Click Here 
Sustainable workplaces Click here 
Soft landings Click Here 
Sustainable Acoustics Click Here  
March 2nd Electric vehicles  
Env Law Click here 
TESLA Click here 
Charging points Click here 
TAG Case study Click here 
December 9th Funds for Low Carbon Projects 
Env Law click here...... 
Funds for SMEs click here.. 
Nat West renewable Solutions Click here....... 
Green Impact Click here..... 
October 14th "Making the Case for Renewable Energy in your business" 
For the slide pack click here...... 
September 16 The Green Impact Scheme and IOT  
Click on the title below: 
June 28th "Waste no Cash" plus a post Brexit special 
June 10th "Measure your Carbon Footprint"  
And for the online presentation of TAG Farnborough  
February 26th at de La Rue "Waste to Cash"  
And for the Biffa PDFs click here  
February 22nd at Marwell - ISO14001  

2015 November 27 Sustainable Transport- Winchester 
Legal Click Here 
Sustrans Click Here 
University of Southampton Click here 
Electric vehicles Click here  

2015 October 23rd Sustainable Workplaces  
Workplace Click Here 
Lighting Click here  

2015 July 3rd ESOS or Not! 

2015 April 30th Marwell "Waste to £££" 

Election update Click here  
Winchester's Great Waste Click here  
Marwell plans 2015 Click here  
Recycle Assets Company Make money from Muck Click here  

2015 Feb 27th Farnborough "Marketing Sustainability" 

Legal update - click here 
Fluor - click here 
PR - P Tutt - Click here 
HCR Case Study - click here 

2015 February 11th Winchester 

Legal update - click here 
Intro to CSR - click here 
Case study - click here 
Winchester Business Awards - click here 

2014 October 24th Winchester 

Winacc - Click here 
Uni of Winchester - request 
Marwell here 
Legal update here 
2014 October 10th at Basingstoke 
SVA and sustainability - click here 
Win business through sustainability - click here  
YBC case study click here 

2014 Sept 18 Langstone Tech Park 

July 15th Marwell Zoo 

Click on the title to get the presentation: 

July 11 2014 Basingstoke 

Click on name: 
June 11 2014 Portsmouth Green Buildings of the Future 
Legal Update from John Mitchell. LINK 
Env iNet Dr John Richardson LINK 
As well as providing local services the SBN also acts as a signpost to sources of useful information and advice for your business. We hope that you will find the resources and links below of value. 

Carbon Smart Winchester scheme 

A fresh, inspiring and straightforward way to do business. 
Are you a business looking to: 
Win new business 
Boost you bottom line 
Stand out from the crowd 
Get the recognition you deserve 
Then if you can answer yes to any of these questions, our newly launched environmental support programme Carbon Smart Winchester is just what you need. 
Free Environmental Reviews from the University of Southampton 

Looking to Green Your Business? 

The Carbon Trust has published a guide for SMEs across the UK to help them unlock their potential for green growth. The free guide includes templates for energy and environment policies, as well as a checklist to assess current sustainability 
Hampshire Minerals and Waste Newsletter 
Future South (Previously Future Solent) 
The Solent Local Enterprise Partnership (Solent LEP), together with the Partnership for Urban South Hampshire (PUSH) and the Hampshire Chamber of Commerce have agreed a strategy for development of a low carbon economy in the Solent area which will help stimulate sustainable economic growth, create jobs, and reduce our carbon footprint. 

The Energy Market: Certainty 

The UK has adopted some of the most ambitious environmental targets in the world. Meeting these targets will require adjustments to the behaviour of all sectors of society. 
In summer 2012 the British Chambers of Commerce conducted a survey to gain a better understanding of what businesses are doing to reduce their energy use, and their views on government energy and environmental policies. A total of 3,415 businesses responded. The survey received responses from businesses of all sizes and sectors. 

Grants and Funding 

Businesses are often keen to identify sources of grant funding or financial support which can assist them in their higher cost and more ambitious sustainability activities. The external funding situation is constantly changing. 
Below we suggest some of the key sources which are of greatest relevance to businesses; they include both local and national schemes. There are many further charitable trusts and grant organisations than we are able to list here, particularly those offering very specific or small scale grants. 
Recommended sources for further funding opportunities include Grantfinder and GreenGrantsMachine
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